Call it what you will, un-gendered clothing has slowly become mainstream. It would appear that this has been a fast change, but in reality many designers have been presenting their collections fully or in part as genderless for many years, what we are seeing now is a culmination of this.

At Corniche genderless clothing has been a feature since the 1970s and 1980s, with many of our collections having whole sections perfectly suited to both male and female and we have never found it problematic providing gendered collections to the other sex. Women look great in suits and shirts designed for men and always have done.

Gender seems less important to many of the newer, emerging designers, with whole collections being presented as genderless, this is especially apparent with designers from the far-east, where the only categorisation is size. Vivienne Westwood was very much of this mindset and had been producing unisex clothing for many years.

There is a distinction between instore and online, with one of the most common questions from instore shoppers being “where are the men clothes?” or “which is your women’s section?” and to be honest we will be living with this for many years. Online it is difference we are able to present whole collections as genderless without the questions. To visit our genderless section just click Genderless Clothing and you will be whisked off to a world without boundaries.