After 48 year of being in the fashion business, Corniche has accumulated some amazing pieces, ranging from the early 1970s to date. We were very lucky in the early years that Bill, Nina’s brother was living in Tokyo and attended many fashion shows, from where he was able to purchase pieces from designers like Kansai Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Michiko Koshino and sending them back to Nina in the UK, some of these date back to 1972/73. We have now started to add archive pieces to the website and we are working to have a significant number of pieces available to purchase. Many of the pieces are important, for example Issey Miyake 1970’s petrol blue, pleated, cropped legged, zip play suit. This is an important garment from one of Issey Miyake’s early collections. Made in Japan around 1973-1974. This piece is unworn and has the original Issey Miyake label and a very faint garment No. EP77111 (we think). A superb piece that deserves to be in a museum of design or part of a loved collection. Exceptional and extremely rare and in wonderful condition. Our archives can be visited here – women clothing archive men clothing archive. We will be adding to these pages on a regular basis and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do when we unpack these wonderful garments.