We are slowly adding more items from our archive amongst some phenomenal pieces the Issey Miyake blue striped jacket from the early 1970s (we believe 1973), which was purchased backstage after the catwalk show by Nina’s brother in Tokyo, Japan. This was sent to Nina before Corniche was formed to sell in her pre-Corniche shop. It was never put up for sale and we have had it in storage for over 50 years. It is in great condition.

The garment features a soft collar with thin notched lapels, pleated sleeves running down from the shoulders, but not puff sleeves, double breasted with an inner and outer button.

There is only the classic Issey Miyake label at the back of the neck, no other labels, as is quite common with sample pieces used at shows. We estimate it as a medium size. It is very interesting in that it suits both women and men. The piece is a wonderful example of progressive fashion in the early 1970s and will speak volumes to those who remember that era.

At the same time as adding the Miyake jacket we added a fantastic Gold Label, Vivienne Westwood faux-astrakhan fitted jacket from 1994, it is a work of art and a fantastic example of Vivienne’s work from that time. There is also a beautiful Junior Gaultier Skirt Suit in off-white brocade and blue grecian style borders from the mid 1990s and a very rare John Flett dress circa 1985 which has beautiful ruching and again is a great example of John Flett’s work. John was such a great talent and his early death was a tragedy.

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